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Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz has coined the phrase ‘It’s not your Grandma’s Bingo anymore!’ and they have the Facebook bingo app to back it up! If you have played it you know it is thrilling, keeps your eyes glued to the monitor, and keeps you coming back for your daily bingo fix.

In fact, Bingo Blitz is so great with at showering you with power ups, XP points, coins and collectibles that you are not just playing to bingo but also become a part of community made up of 3,500,000 monthly active users. There is no doubt why it is regarded part of the “Top 10 facebook games”!

Top 10 facebook game

Top 10 facebook game

Shadow Card

Bingo Blitz shadow card

Power Ups

Bingo Blitz power ups

As a new player there are some quick facts to keep in mind to help you understand the game better.

Quick Facts

Free Credits50
Free Daily Reload4 daily (see below)
Number of Rooms13
Number of Levels75
Other GamesYes, Slot Machine
Average Players1 Million Daily Users

Free Daily Reload?

Yes, you get four (4) types of daily reloads:

  1. If you play daily you get a free spin on their slots machine
  2. Free reload (max 17 daily)
  3. Buffalo-Studios reload for completing collectibles or special promotions (max 51 daily)
  4. Teammate reload (max 25 daily)

Pros of the Site

You can play bingo for free since it is on facebook.  If you find you want to buy credits you get extra credits depending on how many you buy

Power ups

  • 2X payout that will double all your winnings if you bingo
  • Double XP will double the amount of experience points you get per daub
  • Instant Bingo will call BINGO instantly if you correctly daub the number which has the instant bingo star
  • One or Two instant daubs will instantly daub your card when those numbers haven’t been called yet
  • Treasure chests will be placed on your cards for you to unlock the treasure inside of them.  Treasure items can be credits, coins, keys, power ups or a collection items

Team play

  • The first 5 players you invite from your facebook friends to play with you will earn you daily reload credits.  The next milestone is 25 followed by 100 friend invites to get even more daily credits

Shadow cards

  • If you bingo on a card with a collections virtual good shadow on it you will win that collectible

There are many fan pages/groups are available to trade collectible items, get free credits and add teammates.  There are also many dishonest fan based pages/groups so I recommend joining the official pages and the most reputable:

Cons of the Site

There really aren’t many cons to this game.  Obviously if Bingo Blitz (buffalo studios) were to give us more daily credits we would appreciate it.  With that said now that I have played for several months and am upwards of level 60 on the game, many teammates and having completed many collections I find I play more with my daily reload in the bingo rooms that cost less.

Who should play Bingo Blitz?

If you want to play the most exciting bingo game on facebook then you must play bingo blitz.  There is no need to try another bingo app; Sure Zynga Bing is about to launch but as of writing there’s no better bingo app!  If you play often for more than three days you will see what we I mean.

Substitute experiences

At this time Bingo Bash and Bingo Island are the second and third most popular bingo apps on facebook, but they hare hardly comparable.  Maybe when Zynga Bingo is available for everyone to play it will trump Bingo Blitz.

Do you think Zynga Bingo will be more fun that Bingo Blitz?  Comment below.

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fiona lowe April 4, 2012 at 2:07 pm

to whom it may concern im disapointed i can recive and send gifts but cant play the screen is blank and every time i press lobby it dont do nowt please help


Nancy Jo Sollars Smallwood July 21, 2012 at 2:29 am

I don’t think Bingo Blitz Is The Bomb #1 Bingo!I Know Bingo Blitz Is The Bomb #1 Bingo!I am just having trouble getting to play it on my Black Berry Smartphone!Is it the java or what?I just found this link!Maybe I’ll get to play it now!I have no computer!But,I get Facebook on my Blackberry!Came ya’ll help me?Thanks For Creating Bingo Blitz!Signcerely A Bingo Blitz Fanatic!


pamrobinson September 3, 2012 at 2:02 am

i am getting very frustrated over the fact then when i play bingo biltz and get bingoes on collection items i dont get them and my chests dont open. lost the king in honalula at least 4 times, the frog and gymnist in rio. so i lose leveling up and winning credits. this is not fair and an injust to the players…NEEDS to be fixed so it doesnt happen all the time or at all


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