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Facebook Bingo

Who would have ever thought, that you would be able to play bingo on Facebook? And more importantly that it would be so exciting. Lucky for bingo lovers all over the world, playing online bingo now is easier than ever with today’s leading Facebook Bingo games.

Here you’ll find a complete list of available Facebook Bingo Apps for you to play on.

All you need is a Facebook account and time :)

Facebook Bingo Apps

GameApp NameReview
bingo blitzBingo BlitzBingo Blitz Review
bingo islandBingo IslandComing soon!
online bingoBINGO!Coming soon!
bingo by RyzingBingo by RyzingComing soon!
bingo bashBingo BashComing soon!
bingo worldBingo WorldComing soon!
bingo Bingo Game PointComing soon!
big city bingoBig City BingoComing soon!
bingo fun partyBingo Fun PartyComing soon!
bingo adventureBingo AdventureComing soon!
bingo explosionBingo Explosion Coming soon!

The above listed games are today’s most active games with Bingo Blitz and Bingo Island as the top 2 popular games.

Many players who are familiar with Farm Vill and City Vill are waiting with excitement for the launch of Zynga Bingo. Many believe, as soon Zynga launches their bingo site, it will overtake Bingo Blitz and Island as the top bingo app on Facebook!

About Facebook Bingo Games

Games on Facebook are super sticky and are known to be huge time wasters but that doesn’t stop the millions of bingo lovers taking part in these games throughout the day.

At the present moment, you can’t play for real cash prizes – they’re simply social games which you play with friends and unlock features and earn badges for your accomplishments. Which gives you the ultimate reward: bragging rights and envy amongst all your friends.

However, in 2012, Facebook is teaming up with a couple of leading online gaming companies to exclusively test out pay to play casino and bingo games on Facebook. As soon as this happens, you’ll be sure to learn about it here on Online Bingo HQ!

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Mary K.Bonamarte February 13, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Was playing bingo games before my pc crashed and now can’t get on the game with my new pc. The old one had windows xp and this new one is windows 7. Help


admin February 24, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Hi Mary,
Steph here from Online Bingo HQ – sorry to hear about your PC. Are you still having trouble accessing facebook bingo games?


mary smith May 17, 2013 at 2:53 am

cant access even with new account for me ..


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